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Some #putabirdonit. We #putabisononit. (And yes, that was the...

Some #putabirdonit.
We #putabisononit.

(And yes, that was the best we could do. We’re knifemakers folks. God only gives so many talents. If you want SNL quality knife comedy, go check out @federknives or his podcast: @knifetalkpodcast. Geoff, Mareko and Craig are way funnier than us and each makes a mean knife.)

Fun fact, did you know the Bison is North America’s largest land mammal? Male bulls can weigh as much as 2,000 lbs…that’s more than half your crappy 93’ Ford Taurus!

This is another one headed to @the_forge_dubai . If you are interested in purchasing this one you can contact him directly.

In other news we are working really hard over here to get some rad knives made for the holidays. Stay tuned…more to come!

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This is Marino. He’s Italian…sort of. He’s actually from Jersey...

This is Marino. He’s Italian…sort of. He’s actually from Jersey but it’s close enough and he loves his momma.

Marino is of the sea. He’s been around the pier a few times if you know what I mean. Seen some things. Hard things. Spent a little time in the cage before getting back out on the water.

He’s done with all that now. Just wants to smoke his pipe in peace and catch a few episodes of Deadliest Catch every once in a while.

He’s a little salty but a hard worker. Very loyal. He’s looking for a home. Hope you can help.

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