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Long time no post! (Many run on sentences ahead.) A handful of...

Long time no post! (Many run on sentences ahead.) A handful of you have checked in to make sure we are OK over here. We are!! For as weird as 2020 was, it was actually a very stabilizing time for us here at NORA.

For those that don’t know, Steve transitioned back to full-time work for a large company and so we are no longer full-time knife makers over here. (Hence the lack of inventory lately, sorry!) While our egos were probably a bit bruised over this, our day to day lives have become much more stable.

Its been a great change and one that we both needed. Truth be told, we were just getting a bit tired of making knives. (And maybe social media too.)Steve in particular. Other factors came in to play as well but at the end of the day, we were not getting the volume done in the shop that we needed to make ends meet comfortably.

This was a hard one for me because change is not my strong point. Once I know something, I want to continue doing it. That makes me comfortable. For Steve, it is the exact opposite…the newness of learning and doing is what excites him. And after he hits a certain point, he needs to do something else. This has been a pattern his entire life and instead of fighting him on it, I’ve learned to accept the beauty in it.

So here we are. While I have also been working and schooling our boys at home until school resumes in Southern CA, I have been left wondering…what to do if not knives? We have this very expensive engraver that we are still paying for so I thought, why not spoons?

Yes, spoons. And zippo lighters, and metal light switches and brass tags and about 50 other different things but the spoons are what I like the most.

This is one I just made today and I rather like it. I am going to try and make more in larger sizes and so maybe you’ll be seeing more spoons and flatware. I don’t know. If its something you want to see let us know. Otherwise, we are just rather thankful to still have you here following along.

We will still be making knives, just not as many. We understand that this will be disappointing to some but all we can do is share the journey we are on.

All our love, Dani & Steve