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No , no honey; no work, no. This is the knife we made for...

No , no honey; no work, no. This is the knife we made for @chefsroll to be given as a prize for their current contest in honor of national honey month. If you want to win this knife (as well as a hefty sum of cash and monthly honey shipments) head on over to their feed and find out how to enter a dish now.

We had a lot of ‘fun’ making this one, and by fun I mean fighting. Don’t worry… It’s par for the course. Not sure how it works in your house but marriage in the Jenkins household is marked by spirited debate (read: shouting) and passionate opinions (read: stubborn people.) We (read: Dani) didn’t like how the previous handle design looked with the engraving we chose so we went back to the drawing board and remade a whole new handle with more subtle colors and tones. We used a beautiful red heart wood and casted a honey gold resin to form the honeycomb shape in the wood. Blade is a premium CTS-XHP stainless steel with a performance S grind and was custom engraved. We think it came together better than our original design and, happily, we are back to liking each other over here. Cheers to love! #NORAKnives #knowthyknife #sweetonhoney #chefsroll #rollwithus