Nora Knives

If you have been waiting to see some M4, we have two new CPM M4 carbon steel knives up on the site today and available for purchase.

This one is a take on an older design: the line slayer, which is a sort of cross between a chef knife and a honesuki. We wanted this knife to be very versatile on the line and able to handle some of the rougher tasks in the kitchen, including protein breakdown.

Knife is a nimble 6 inches and we ground this specifically for a right hand user. You can read a little more about the grind on our website if you are interested. ( #NORAKnives #knowthyknife #cheflife #chefknife #chefsroll #truecooks #chefsofinstagram #honesuki #chefknife #chefstagram #chefstoy

Written by Steven Jenkins — July 06, 2017

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