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Alis Volat Propriis (latin) translates as: She flies with her own...

Alis Volat Propriis (latin) translates as:
She flies with her own wings.

(* Also, official motto of Oregon.)

We made this one in honor of the owner @noblebirdrotisserie. She is a woman and mother of two that is working tirelessly to keep her brand new restaurant going strong. She is also a friend. We sit back and watch her go, go, go and then feel terribly uncomfortable about our lack of work ethic in comparison.

Seriously though, she and her husband are amazing. Even better, the food is amazing. If you are anywhere near Long Beach (CA) then please do yourself a favor and grab some unbelievable takeout.

This one is sold and is headed all the way to Singapore! Shipping to other countries still makes us giddy. We always tell ourselves that if our business all goes to hell, it will still be a really amazing thing to tell our kids that we made knives that are literally all over the world. So many things to be grateful for despite the odd circumstances.

Hope you all have a memorable Easter weekend.

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