NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman
NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman
NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman
NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman
NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman
NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman
NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman
NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman
NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman
NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman
NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman
NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman

NORA #1274 - Hybrid Honesuki - CPM-M4 Carbon Steel - Hanuman

$ 324.00


  • Blade Type: Hybrid Honesuki/Petty
  • Blade Length: 6 Inches
  • Total Length: 11.25 Inches
  • Handle Style: Western | Right or Left Hand Use
  • Steel: CPM-M4 Carbon Steel
  • Handle Materials: Red G10 & Blue G10, Stainless Steel Pins 
  • Rockwell Hardness: 66 HRC
  • Grind Type: Full Flat
  • Weight: 7.6 oz
  • This Blade is Ground...
    • Thin for Performance (best performance but can be delicate)
    • Thick for Durability (tough, built to last for heavy wear-n-tear)
    • >>> Mid-Range with Special Geometry (specially ground with the edge thin but we kept the tip thicker such that if it needs to be used to separate thicker muscles, cartilage, tendons and/or small bones then this can handle it without concern for the tip breaking)
  • This Knife Feels...
    • >>> Heavy in Hand (hefty, durable. G10 is a dense material and has considerable weight)
    • Light (nimble, maneuverable)
    • Not too heavy, not too light. 


    Hybrid Honesuki

    NORA knife #1274 is a custom, one-off design that was made specifically with the task of breaking down poultry like a boss.  This is different from a traditional honesuki in that it has a double bevel which allows both left and right handed individuals to use the knife.  The blade's spine drops down from the handle to allow for offset cutting. The angle allows for easy removal of fat and skin and ease of cutting at various angles and joints. 


    CPM - M4

    The blade on this knife is composed of a high carbon CPM M4 steel.  M4 is the best carbon steel we have ever used in regards to blade performance.  After doing a wide amount of research on this steel, we decided to give it a go and have been extremely impressed with its performance thus far.  CPM M4 steel is unique in that it gets extremely hard but remains durable.  As an added bonus, M4 is more corrosion resistant than many other carbon steels.

    We took this blade to a solid 66 HRC.  The hardness allows it to maintain amazing edge retention but unlike other steels at this hardness its not as brittle or delicate.  It is actually highly wear resistant which means you don't need to worry as much about the knife chipping or breaking. As an added bonus, M4 is surprisingly corrosion resistant when compared to other carbon steels.

    Its a rugged knife for the performance it offers and this combination is rare when you harden steel to beyond 62 HRC.  Please note though that the steel isn't bullet-proof...if you drop the knife on a very hard surface or slam it down on a hard object, it is likely to chip.

    The pros of this steel outweigh the cons but it must be mentioned that this steel is harder to sharpen than many others so you will need to factor that into your decision as it does represent a bit more maintenance than other knives. On the flip side, you don't need to sharpen this knife nearly as frequently as others. Note that we provide free sharpening on all of our knives and we are always happy to help in this respect.  

    **As this is a carbon steel, the blade will form a slight patina over time.  This is normal and is actually the mark of a beautifully used knife.  Please note, however, that a carbon knife does require more maintenance than its stainless steel counterpart, mainly that it must be washed or wiped clean shortly after each use to prevent unwanted rust or stains.  We have acid etched this knife and given it a stonewashed finish to protect the steel and start the patina process.  Over time this etch will fade slightly and will be replaced by the individual patina you make while using the knife.  Please note that the etch process does not always leave the knife completely uniform and, as such, you may notice minor differences in tone of the etch color and also some residual marks which can almost look like a stain on the knife.  These are not stains, they are part of the etch itself. 


    Every one of our knives is handmade, numbered and unique. The design for this NORA knife, number #1274, is composed of an uber-durable red G10. What, you may ask, is G10? It is an incredibly strong & durable fiberglass laminate that was originally used in the electronics industry.  It has been adapted in the knife making world and has proven to be an excellent material for handles as it has high strength, low moisture absorption and can be found in a variety of colors.  Its one of our favorite materials to work with outside of wood.

    This knife was custom engraved with the mythical Hindu Monkey God Hanuman in a Sak Yant style. Sak Yant tattoos are an ancient ritual that was introduced originally by the Khmer Empire and has since been wholeheartedly adopted by both the Thai and Cambodian people.

    The tattoos are traditionally completed by Thai mystics or Buddhist Monks who use either a metal rod or bamboo stick.  The tattoos are believed to bring luck, impart certain blessings and give strength. In the same way, they serve as good luck charms or guards when placed on items other than the body.

    Hanuman is known as "invincible" and is part monky, part man.  His purpose was to rid the world of unwanted spirits and he symbolizes the concepts of self-control, faith, and dedication to a cause.  His tattoo is also said to impart his invincible nature upon the recpient such that you will never tire or become weary in a fight.

    *Full disclosure on this...we aren't Thai.  We are going off of research that we did on the internet and hoping that what we are reading and piecing together is correct.  If your really concerned about bad mojo then we encourage you to do your own research or maybe just not buy it. ( It's OK...we'll understand.)


    **This knife has been custom engraved.  The engraving was done via laser so there is depth to the engraving more so than you see with an electro etch. We do, however, keep the depth minimal so it does not catch food and minimally interferes with the primary cutting function of the knife. A small amount of stickage is normal around the engraved area, especially initially. This will lessen over time as the blade is used.  Please note though, if performance is your #1 priority then we encourage you to NOT purchase this blade.  A blade with no engraving WILL have a smoother glide than a blade with engraving.  For most, however, this difference is so minimal that it is barely noticed.  We just like to provide a full disclosure up front so you know exactly what you are purchasing.

    The engraving should last as long as the knife but please note that it will slightly degrade over time as abrasives are used on the knife. We recommend the soft end of a sponge with soap and water for cleaning and mineral oil periodically to condition the blade (and handle). Keep in mind that stronger abrasives, such as steel wool, scotch brite pads, sand paper or stone sharpening directly on the engraved image will further degrade the image.