NORA #1126 - 8.5 Inch Chef - AEB-L Stainless
NORA #1126 - 8.5 Inch Chef - AEB-L Stainless
NORA #1126 - 8.5 Inch Chef - AEB-L Stainless
NORA #1126 - 8.5 Inch Chef - AEB-L Stainless
NORA #1126 - 8.5 Inch Chef - AEB-L Stainless
NORA #1126 - 8.5 Inch Chef - AEB-L Stainless
NORA #1126 - 8.5 Inch Chef - AEB-L Stainless
NORA #1126 - 8.5 Inch Chef - AEB-L Stainless
NORA #1126 - 8.5 Inch Chef - AEB-L Stainless
NORA #1126 - 8.5 Inch Chef - AEB-L Stainless

NORA #1126 - 8.5 Inch Chef - AEB-L Stainless

$ 315.00


  • Blade Type: Chef
  • Blade Length: 8.5 Inches
  • Total Length: 13 Inches
  • Handle Style: Western | Right or Left Hand Use
  • Steel: AEB-L Stainless Steel
  • Handle Materials: Big Leaf Maple Burl Wood (stabilized), Urethane Resins, Lime Green G10 Liners, Stainless Steel Pins
  • Rockwell Hardness: 62 HRC
  • Grind Type: Full Flat Hybrid
  • This Blade is Ground...
    • >>> Thin for Performance (best performance but somewhat delicate)
    • Thick for Durability (tough, built to last for heavy wear-n-tear)
    • Mid-Range with Special Geometry (ground for food release and glide)
  • This Knife Feels...
    • Heavy in Hand (hefty, durable)
    • >>> Light (nimble, maneuverable)
    • Not too heavy, Not too light (Switzerland!)



    Our take on the classic Chef knife. This is an extremely versatile knife that is a jack-of-all-trades worker and one of the single most important knives in a kitchen. Our Chef knife design can easily accommodate both a pinch grip and a full hold.  It is a good choice for those with larger hands or those who prefer a full hold on the handle.  Our design is also excellent for those who like a rocking motion while cutting.



    This knife blade is composed of AEB-L stainless steel which is a high-quality Swedish metal, originally developed for razor blades.  Recently, steel suppliers have made this steel available in thicker sheets and it has proven to be an excellent adaptation for the cutlery industry.

    AEB-L has a beautiful balance of carbon and chromium and, with proper heat treatment, this steel produces both a very fine edge as well as excellent toughness and edge stability.  The fine grain structure also makes this steel very easy to sharpen. We believe it is one of the finest stainless steels available on the market today for use with kitchen knives.

    As a side note, there are two things we like to mention about this steel:

    1.) This steel responds beautifully to honing and if the knife is honed regularly it should need infrequent sharpening.

    2.) AEB-L is a stainless steel but just barely.  The higher carbon content in this stainless is what allows it to get a fine edge and higher hardness than other stainless steels but it also has a tendency to sometimes form very fine rust spots on the blade.  If this happens, these are easily removed with a green scotch brite pad and usually the rough end of a kitchen sponge will also do the trick. 


    Every one of our knives is handmade, numbered and unique. This NORA knife, number #1126, is a hybrid mix of wood and resin.  The wood is a beautiful, live edge piece of Big Leaf Maple Burl that has been stabilized for durability.  The resin almost reminds us of a satellite picture of has rish hues of blue and green.  The knife is lined with green G10 liners to keep the color scheme together. It's a fresh, colorful scheme that works well together. 

    Please note that on the handle side opposite our logo you will find what was a small void in the wood.  You can reference the pics to see this closer.  This small void was actually filled during the stabilization process and now has resin coating this area such that it is completely filled and stable.  We actually think it is a pretty cool effect to the knife but not everyone may share our sentiments so we just wanted to bring this to your attention if you are concerned about the cosmetic look of it.  

    Wood stabilization is an added feature that we offer with our knives. Wood that is stabilized has been injected with a clear acrylic resin under a vacuum process. Stabilization helps to minimize, if not eliminate, any cracking, warping, shrinkage and/or expanding of the material. Stabilized wood will not absorb water and is generally impervious to oils. The process helps to ensure your knife has a long lifespan in the kitchen.