NORA #1117 - 3.5' Paring - Brown Mamba
NORA #1117 - 3.5' Paring - Brown Mamba
NORA #1117 - 3.5' Paring - Brown Mamba
NORA #1117 - 3.5' Paring - Brown Mamba
NORA #1117 - 3.5' Paring - Brown Mamba
NORA #1117 - 3.5' Paring - Brown Mamba
NORA #1117 - 3.5' Paring - Brown Mamba
NORA #1117 - 3.5' Paring - Brown Mamba

NORA #1117 - 3.5' Paring - Brown Mamba

$ 189.00


  • Blade Type: Paring
  • Blade Length: 3.5 Inches
  • Total Length: 8 Inches
  • Handle Style: Western | Right or Left Hand Use
  • Steel: AEB-L Stainless Steel
  • Rockwell Hardness: 61 HRC
  • Grind Type: Full Flat
  • Handle Materials: Lime Green Juma, Copper Godess kirinite, Brass Pins, Purple G10 liner
This Blade is Ground...
    • Thin for Performance (best performance but also more delicate)
    • >>>Thick for Durability (tough, built to last for heavy wear-n-tear)
    • Mid-Range with Special Geometry (specially ground for food release and glide but blade is kept slightly thicker for durability)
This Knife Feels...
    • Heavy in Hand (hefty, durable)
    • Light (nimble, maneuverable)
    • >>> Not too heavy, not too light (Mid-Range Weight)


    The paring knife is often overlooked but the truth is it is one of the single most-used knives in the kitchen. It is also unique with respect to where it is used...not just on a cutting board but also in hand. 

    With this in mind, we redesigned our paring knife to have a smaller, more nimble handle that feels great in hand and gives its user a wide amount of maneuverability. This knife works wonderfully for small tasks that are easier completed by using the knife in-hand, such as hulling a strawberry, paring fruit, or deveining shrimp.


    This knife blade is composed of AEB-L stainless steel which is a high-quality Swedish metal, originally developed for razor blades.  Recently, steel suppliers have made this steel available in thicker sheets and it has proven to be an excellent adaptation for the cutlery industry.

    AEB-L has a beautiful balance of carbon and chromium and, with proper heat treatment, this steel produces both a very fine edge as well as excellent toughness and edge stability.  The fine grain structure also makes this steel very easy to sharpen. We believe it is one of the finest stainless steels available on the market today for use with kitchen knives.

    As a side note, this steel responds beautifully to honing and if the knife is honed regularly it should need infrequent sharpening.


    Every one of our knives is numbered, handmade and unique. This NORA knife, number #1117, has been handled with a beautiful lime green material called Juma.  This is a resin based material and has an appearance similar to a snake scale, hence our inspiration for this knife.  We lined added in a section of copper colored kirinite and finished it with a thin purple G10 liner and added brass pins.

    We also engraved this knife with a boa snake head near the base of the blade.  To be honest, we aren't sure if we love this or hate it but the knife itself is just gorgeous and we have not added on any extra cost for the engraving.  Snakes need love too (sorta, right?) consider giving this one a good home!