We offer a number of different steel options for our blades including both stainless steel and carbon blades.  At the bottom of this page you will find detailed information on our two most common steels that we sell: AEB-L Stainless Steel and CPM-M4 Carbon Steel.  

We also have worked with a number of other steels including CTS XHP stainless steel, S110V stainless steel, 01 carbon steel, 52100 carbon steel, S35VN stainless steel, and 1075 carbon steel among others.  Each has their pros and cons.

To help you understand some of the core roles of each component in the various steels we referenced an article from Blade HQ that has a great, simplified breakdown of each of the "ingredients" that are common in blade steels today:

If you really want to geek out on blade steels you can reference this excellent article from which has in-depth information about what contributes to blade performance. also offers a chemical composition breakdown of virtually every blade steel currently used as well a a short summary about the steel and its qualities. 

If you have questions on any of the other steel options we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us at or call: 951.892.0432

CPM M4 & AEB-L Stainless Steel INFO BELOW

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