{ our sharpening policy }

We love our knives and we want you to love them too.  The simple fact is though, you won't love em' if they become dull. Knives need sharpening and we want to help.

Using a steel hone regularly will prolong the sharpness of a knife. (Please note, we do not recommend a steel hone for CPM M4 Carbon Steel.  Instead, a ceramic hone is ideal for all types of steel.) If you don't know how to hone or want guidance there is a great tutorial that you can see HERE.  When the hone is no longer effective, however, we recommend a professional sharpening.  For most users, once or twice a year is more than enough.  That's where we come in. 

We are happy to sharpen your NORA knife free of charge. You pay for the shipping to us and we take care of sharpening it and sending it back to you at our expense. Easy as that.  

Before sending your knife, please make sure your knife is properly wrapped and packaged such that the blade is not likely to be damaged during shipping.  


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