{ our philosophy }

My husband and I have used a lot of knives over the years.  What we have found is that we tend to use the same 2-3 knives for roughly 90% of our day to day kitchen tasks.  I don't think we are unique in this respect.  Most people I know tend to reach for the same 1-2 knives that they are comfortable with in the kitchen.  

With this in mind, we have decided to focus in on the two knives that are absolutely critical in our kitchen.  For us, it is a hybrid Santoku style knife and a small pairing/utility knife.

The Santoku knife serves as our general all-purpose chef knife.  It is lighter and smaller than many of the bulkier, European style Chef knives and because of this, it tends to allows a greater amount of flexibility while cooking. We can chop, slice and dice wonderfully and it works just as well with light protein prep. There were some trade offs we made, but honestly...not many.  Our Santoku style knife handles most tasks wonderfully and it is our go-to knife.

For everything that our Santoku is not well suited for, we usually use a small utility knife.  It works well for cutting and slicing smaller items such as berries or cherry tomatoes.  It also gives us more control in situations that demand a bit of precision.

Between these two knives, we get most tasks done in a very efficient manner.  They are really all that most cooks need and as our company is in its infancy, it is what we have chosen to focus on making.