Thanks for your interest! 

There are four ways to purchase our knives. 

1.) At least once a month and sometimes as often as 3 times a month we release new knives. Sale dates vary so we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter so that you can receive emails leading up to each month's new release.  You can sign up for the newsletter HERE.  

*Please note that we do not currently accept custom orders but in the newsletter sign up you do have the ability to request for a certain knife to be made.  We can't promise that we will make it but we take all requests into consideration.

2.) Any knives that remain available after our monthly release date will be actively for sale in the READY TO SHIP area of our website.  

3.) We currently retail our knives to only 1 retailers:

4.)  Occasionally we will run an Instagram auction for a knife we have made.  These are sporadic and somewhat spontaneous so if you are interested please follow us on Instagram and make sure to turn on the notifications for our feed.